The difference between theory and practice by I.V. Olokita

The difference between theory and practice by I.V. Olokita


Theoretically, he is dead.

Practically he is still alive.

But this is the truth only for this moment because everything is almost over, All but Mikel’s last breaths. They and a few more reflections that will accompany him forever.

And while he is lying on the soft grass, his face is towards the sun, and his brain racing with thousands of strategically unimportant thoughts, Mikel is losing the little oxygen he still has. So now all he has left to do is just regret his lost life.


And if his dramatic ending were not so sad, Mikel probably would have laughed about the bloody situation he had brought upon himself. And indeed, in such a case, he would joke with that irritating macabre humor he had cultivated. About the way his freckled red face was burning in the hot of the sun, or he would have mentioned in precise descriptions the dogs that in minutes would lick all the burnt skin that would peel off his face and immediately tear off every scrap of flesh from his dead body. And perhaps there will be a number aloud about those stupid thoughts that pass through his mind just then, a second before he meets the end of life or should it be those spelling mistakes, he remembered forgetting to correct in the letter he left to all of you.


But for Mike Hart, nothing here will no longer be funny anymore. Not now and never further especially because no one told him that in those seconds between the time he had swallowed the pills and the moment you could only blink your eyes and hope that everything would be over, all the proportions you had while living would change. Because just in these few moments when your whole life goes on in front of your poor eyes, you realize that your shriveled life was just fine and that you’re stuck on that damn Now instead of seeing the future to come.


And suddenly Mikel realized that although in practice his mind was already dead. Theoretically, this aching heart of his will never die.


But these thoughts only made Mikel more nervous moving his eyes restlessly and frustratingly. And it hurt him, even more than the theoretical pain he felt when he still had a practical life.

And for the first time in a long time, Mike Hart realized that his life was too short. Even if, theoretically, Sandra was indeed the most fantastic girl worth fighting for in the world, he would no longer have a chance with her or anyone else, not even Little Dean.


So suddenly his life seemed so good compared to nothing he is about to enter, and suddenly he is willing to swear that if someone saves him from this death, he will do everything to convince others that this isn’t the right thing to do and certainly not worthwhile.


But it won’t happen anymore. Neither in practice nor in theory. And if Mike is already dead now, then for the Hart family, theory and practice are the same.

Written by I.V. Olokita

About the Author:

I.V. Olokita has been facing life-threatening situations most of his life, specializing in the management of medical aid to disaster areas all over the world. He has a BA degree in logistics, and an MPH degree emergency and disaster situations management. He also volunteers to rescue missions in disaster areas all over the world.

Olokita’s first book (in Hebrew), Ten Simple Rules, was published in 2014. It won an Israeli literary prize and immediately made an online bestseller. The following year, another book by Olokita, Reasons to Kill God, made a local bestseller in Israel. In May 2016, his third novel, Wicked Girl, was published, to make another great success, and soon presents in English.

I.V. Olokita is a happily married father of two adolescents and a foster father of five cats and two dogs, and hardly ever sleeps. Instead, he spends his nights on writing. Olokita’s books are characterized by direct writing, Turns wiry and witty, requiring the reader to delve into and maintain vigilance from the beginning of the book to its surprising end.


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