Where Did The Hills Go by Lali Gupta Chatterjee (Book Review #474)

Where did the hills go? is a fictional story about the hills and buildings of Edith’s world disappearing. The universe plays a trick on these and this mystery novel takes you on a journey searching for answers.


I particularly enjoyed the relationship Edith had with her family. The dynamics of them all working together in finding out what happened to the hills was admirable.


The literature felt at times rigid, however, had a nice flow to it. The character development stood out for me and the pace was steady. I adored the fact that the tale was original. I had not read a similar story to this one and that made things intriguing for me.


The story emphasizes on physics and particles and although is a science fiction story, it was based on real science and I think that’s what made this tale different from other science fictions. You actually learn something from this story.


I recommend this book to young adult and fiction lovers. Especially, readers that appreciate reading fictional stories that are based on science.


Written by Jeyran Main


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