It’s Not Our Fault by Jeyran Main

It’s Not Our Fault by Jeyran Main

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We are altered by a change

We forget our promises

We don’t follow up

We don’t stay in touch

Our environment elevates us. While it can also be the angel on our shoulder, it can also make us change. Just like when we go to a reunion or a wedding, and we see our family and friends, we are excited and happy. We promise them that we will stay in touch. The moment we get home, things change as we blend into our usual routine.


Much to our amazement, our environment, is the devil. Entering a new atmosphere changes our behavior. The simplest example is when we talk to a soft-spoken person we also begin to speak softly. We talk fast with a fast-talking person. We may on an average, not- influencing day be talking regularly but, change as soon as we are in a different scene.


Sometimes by altering one factor, things can get worse or better. For example, we sit in an environment and notice that everyone’s quiet. There is no lively laughter, and no give and take. As soon as you turn the temperature down or up based on the weather, you notice a drastic change in people’s mood, and slowly they begin interacting.


The worst kind of pernicious environment are the ones that compel us to challenge our moral sense of right and wrong.


As an example, you work in an environment where your boss places so much pressure on you meeting the numbers in order for himself to excel in his position. The pressure is intense causing you to cheat or take shortcuts just so you don’t lose your job.


In this scenario, you don’t see it as moral erosion. It is something you just had to do. You only see one option. When or if the company finds out about the wrongdoing. Your boss will undoubtedly say that he never asked for people to do anything illegal. Your boss defiantly did not ask you to behave that way. But, he created an environment that did the work for him.


Many may think that it is who you are that shapes what you do. However, it is the environment that influences your behavior, actions and essentially how you act in situations. A reasonable person is not always good just because he aimed to behave that way. Some factors invariably affect the outcome.


If you wish to make a change in your life, you may have to consider changing the environment to succeed.


Written by Jeyran Main

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