Evolution by Cody Toye (Book Review #281)

Evolution is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, fantasy novel written about a world where humans are hiding to survive from a human-made scientific experiment – gone wrong.

It all began when Joan Redman found a pod producing plant that created little frogs by using no water and minimal soil. Dr. Moore studied it more in order to use its power for humankind but, instead he secretly injected hormones into the pod making it grow at a faster speed. Dr. Balm then decides to inject the hormones into the stem. If having these creatures was not weird enough, this time the plant grows even larger, creating strange looking eggs. The eggs hatch. Wild poison tree frogs and baby alligators are produced, killing everything in their path.

Ten years later, this plague of pod creatures has now spread all over the earth, causing humans to go into hiding underground in tunnels. Life as we know it has barely any quality as these animals eat every source of food man needs to survive on. Boomer – an autistic big guy, Alex – a mousy teen, and Trevor, just may be able to find a way out of this mess.

I found the story to be very appealing. There is an exceptional amount of descriptive writing emphasized on the scenes which I believe, without it, this book would have just been another ordinary story. Attention to detail has been given to each character and their relatability to the plot. Alex, especially, was very well developed as a teenager. Her personality and backstory was touching and made the reader really feel for her.

The literature and quality of writing excelled my expectation. The author has written a well-paced action storyline and has considered leaving no loopholes behind. The ending is very well put together, and I recommend this book to any fantasy sci-fi reader that enjoys a quality book.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by Dead Key Publishing

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