Feast of Chaos (Four Feasts Till Darkness #3) by Christian A. Brown (Book Review #276)


Feast of Chaos is the third book its series. This historical fantasy novel now focuses on the Daughter of Fate, Morigan and her companions. They have to travel to Pandemonia in order to end the Black Queens hunger as she preys on weedy men and wants nothing but destruction. They have to find the queens weakness and Pandemonia is where they can find it.

There are several side plots just like the previous two books and the author sums up the finale, concluding all of the plots into one. Magnus’s powers are growing, and both her and Caenith’s relationship is tested in Pandemonia. Lila and Magnus also are confronted answering many questions along the way. Magnis and Brutus remain to struggle with one another. There is a lot of backstory and history provided behind Pandemonia, and we also get to know more about Talwyn and Moreth.

Once again, the novel is nothing short of excellence. The literature is so strong, and the picturesque descriptive style of writing seriously overwhelms you with delight. There are so many interesting characters in this story, each with their own personality, journey, and storyline. The author really has provided one of his best works yet and has the potential to be one of the best out there.

I look forward to reading the last book of the series.

I highly recommend this book and its series for anyone that is looking for strong literature.

Written by Jeyran Main

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