The Truth of Light and Shadow by Lee LaCroix (Book Review #494)

The truth of light and shadow is a fantasy story written about a crystal that has provided peace and wealth to the nations of Balance for Millennia. Zeph, who happens to only remember things vaguely jumps at a chance to possibly retrieve what he has lost by venturing Balance. However, once discovered he realizes that things are not what he thought them to be.


Athelia, on the other hand, is a Lightsworn scholar who also begins to investigate the true origin of Balance, discovering why natural disasters are occurring.


From the beginning, I knew that this book is going to be special. From the beautifully descriptive writing to the decisive way of expressing emotions through the characters, I knew the book is going to take me on a great journey.


I particularly enjoyed Zeph and his character. In my opinion, he represented a multidimensional personality, and that made the story stand out for me.


Anyone that is interested in fantasy novels would find this story to be a brilliant read. The tale provided enough backstory and introduced plenty of dynamics in order to create a sequel.


Written by Jeyran Main


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