The Reaping: A Grim Sword & Sorcery Tale by Dexter Morgentern (Book Review #495)


The Reaping is the first book of the pious insurrection series.

It’s about two mystics who are forced to undertake a religious journey to reap a soul from every nation, but in doing so, they begin questioning their actions and inadvertently spiral the land down into chaos.

The quest is called ‘the reaping.’ Amos and Bo have to collect souls from each tribe and to take it to Nexus. Amos cannot speak, and Bo is blind.  Both characters work really together attempting to save the world.


I believe the intended audience is for anyone who likes any type of medieval/high fantasy with magic, ranging from young adult fantasy to in-depth epic fantasies.


I particularly enjoyed the characters personality and the dynamics that were played between the casting crew. I would have appreciated a stronger backstory and descriptive writing, however; the storyline was easy to follow and to understand.


The content was definitely suitable for the young adult novel readers, and I look forward to reading the sequel to this book as the ending to this one, was intriguing.

Written by Jeyran Main

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