Purple Pup by Karl Steam (Book Review #496)

Purple Pup is a sweet novel about Lav a purple pup. He has been genetically modified, and due to his DNA capabilities, he is not only purple, but he is also unique in his own way. He is treated differently than the other animals, and once he finds a way to escape, he runs. Lav finds a new home, true care, and love. That is when the story takes an interesting turn, and his path of destiny alters. The story is filled with friendship, trust, and compassion.


I found the book to be very suitable for children teaching them empathy, loyalty, and friendship. The chapters were just as long for the reader to feel like they can stop and come back anytime they want. The content and literature were easy to read and understand.


The narrative is a dog, which made the story even more pleasurable to read. The military is interested in these genetically modified dogs and the concept of them having special abilities was a nice addition to the storyline.


I believe this book is more suitable for adults who like light-hearted stories and for children.


Written by Jeyran Main

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