Owning Bipolar by Michael G. Pipich, MS. LMFT (Book Review #497)

Owning bipolar is a psychology self-help book designed to provide you with the basics of the disorder, and how to live with this disease. It attempts to compartmentalize the issue by dividing it into three sections. The book also entails stories of people who suffer from the same problem.

While bipolar is a knowingly complicated disorder, I appreciated the author wanting to clarify this psychological condition by using science, experience, real-life stories, and his vast knowledge.


From what the author comments, it is estimated that 5% of the population suffers from bipolar disorder, which is about 350 million people worldwide. It is frequently misdiagnosed because the symptoms are similar to other mental illness diseases.  The average patient sees about 4 mental health professionals before a correct diagnosis is made.


The literature is strong and easy to understand. It is apparent that the author has spent many years gathering data in order to provide us with a useful book.


I particularly enjoyed where the author attempts to confront people that are in denial about getting treatments or taking medication. I appreciated the title of the book being what it is and its introduction to the Seven Bipolar Mood Zones. I believe the breakdown of the issue was necessary for the readers that suffer through relationship issues and making connections.


Written by Jeyran main

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