Category: Non- Fiction

Garden of Grief by Lori Koidahl (Book Review #1013)

Garden of Grief is a self-help book about grieving and how to deal with loss. The author is familiar with the matter as she, too, has dealt with it. The book is a personal telling of how things have worked out for her and… Continue Reading “Garden of Grief by Lori Koidahl (Book Review #1013)”

Hillbilly Queer by J. R. Jamison (Book Review #1017)

Hillbilly Queer is a memoir written about how the author grew up as a hillbilly and queer in a neighbourhood where they were primarily homophobic.

Rise above disruption by Khaled Khorshid (Book Review #981)

Rise above disruption is a self-help book about finding your Zen. The author tells his story and lets you know personal and honest things about his life before providing insightful and thoughtful methods on how to be better.

Health Mind Soul by Jeff Simpson (Book Review #977)

Health mind soul is a self-help book providing 8 steps to finding your inner peace. The book is geared for anyone who wants to make real-life changes. The author wishes the reader to aim big and emphasizes that life is too short.

Ahead of the curve by Mabel Hsin, M.D. (Book Review 974)

Ahead of the curve is a self-help book teaching us how to cope with COVID-19 and live a happier life. The author uses her findings to teach us control over the mind, spirit, and body.

Falling into all by Ben. R. Teeter (Book Review #966)

Falling into all is a poetry book containing a collection of musings and lyrical sayings influenced by spiritual teachings across cultures. The poems can be used as quotations and prompts. They embody elements that could assist in refocusing life on yourself.

A Girl’s Guide to Poker by Amanda Botfeld (Book Review #961)

A Girl’s guide to poker is a self-help poker cheat sheet book. The aim is to learn everything from bluffing, check-raising, and snap calling. The author also teaches you how to play, so it works for anyone who likes this game.

Captain You by Luca Bosurgi (Book Review #960)

Captain you is a self-help book geared to provide an organized and well-planned course to emotional self-reliance. The author is a mind researcher, healer, and trainer. So, there was no doubt in his knowledge and skill for providing such a richly informative book.

Connect by Mark Ebinger (Book Review #942)

Connect is a self-help book geared to assist the reader in creating a more meaningful life. Author Mark Ebinger shares personal stories and strategies so we can reconnect with our human nature.