Tag: Speculative fiction

The New Empire by Alison McBain (Book Review #1432)

‘The New Empire’ is a speculative fiction set in a two-dimensional alternative timeline. The historical story is set in the 18th century when China was the first to land and is known as the USA.

Ashes of Liberty by L.A. Golding (Book Review #700)

Ashe of liberty is an urban fantasy story written about an ex-cop called Luther Martel. A deathly virus has taken California by surprise, and he attempts to save the city by awakening the dead. This comes at a cost as he finds himself caught… Continue Reading “Ashes of Liberty by L.A. Golding (Book Review #700)”

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Earth Quarantined by D. L. Richardson (Book Review #521)

Earth Quarantined is a science fiction story set in 2355. The world as we know it has been saved by aliens called the Criterion. The remaining human race is under tough living conditions due to this relationship and as things have been going on… Continue Reading “Earth Quarantined by D. L. Richardson (Book Review #521)”