Earth Quarantined by D. L. Richardson (Book Review #521)

Earth Quarantined is a science fiction story set in 2355. The world as we know it has been saved by aliens called the Criterion. The remaining human race is under tough living conditions due to this relationship and as things have been going on for many years, Kethryn Miller, an actress has come in between them, wanting to expose things that may not turn out to be the best for everyone.


This futuristic novel has complex dynamic groups of characters and storylines. The cities are divided and the living conditions vary based on where you lived. It was hard to focus on remembering everything as there were many side stories and characters that not necessarily made it to the end.

I believe the author did justice in writing up a multifaceted science fiction story. There are many secrets, lies, and deception happening in the story, which made it quite dark to read. The book would really suit hard science fiction fans and people who enjoy vigorous tales.


The pace of the story went well with the plot and kept the reader interested. I believe there was plenty of backstory in order to add a sequel to the book.


Written by Jeyran Main

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