Ashes of Liberty by L.A. Golding (Book Review #700)

Ashe of liberty is an urban fantasy story written about an ex-cop called Luther Martel. A deathly virus has taken California by surprise, and he attempts to save the city by awakening the dead. This comes at a cost as he finds himself caught in an epic war between the demons and the Gods.

This horror fiction story takes advantage of the current world crisis in a sense and lets you realize and reminisce with how relevant stories that are written can in fact, become a reality. The shape and form of this story were obviously not stating the exact current situation of the COVID-19, but the crisis of it all definitely felt like it.


Although I found the concept of the storyline to be interesting, it wasn’t as action-packed as I anticipated it to be. I would have preferred more sci-fi action as it dealt with immortality.


Altogether the book had charisma, triumph, paranormal activity and psychic content. I would recommend it to anyone that likes to read fantasy and enjoys world-dominating crisis stories.



Written by Jeyran Main


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