Heather by John Talisker (Book Review #283)

Heather is a woman’s fiction novel written about a beautiful girl that see’s the world with a whole different perspective. Besides the fact that she can speak to her father who has passed away, she also see’s people in color. The colors are some sort of an aura around individuals she meets. Heather has a higher understanding. Her aunt has a significant role in her life. There are many secrets and somewhat betrayals that take place. This causes some twists and turns []

TJ’s Ride by J.R. Hamilton (Book Review #280)

TJ’s Ride is book one of ‘The TJ Series.’ This action adventure novel is about Petty Officer Thomas Hamlin (TJ). He works for the Navy and is brought back to Corpus Christi after being away for almost two years, in Vietnam. TJ is then blackmailed by Captain Joseph. He sends TJ to fight against some drug traffickers forcing TJ to go undercover as a bouncer, just to get down with the drug rings and to expose them. I found the story to []

Pimp in the Pulpit by Thomas Leslie Mcrae (Book Review #279)

Pimp in the pulpit is a fictional short book written about the family dynamics of the everyday norm. The book begins providing the notion that there is a party to be held for Lillian McBride, also known as Lucifer. She is not the most loved mother and no one really wants to partake in this joyful event, therefore, when it gets to the point where the kids have to pay a share of the birthday party, they aren’t too happy about it. []

Fractured Past by D. E. Chapman (Book Review #278)

Fractured Past is the first fantasy/young adult book from the “A Talnarin Novel Series.”  Alanna is a beautiful girl living in a world where there are five species. Humans are just one of them. An experiment curses her in becoming one of the Talnarins. They too are another kind of species. They have pigmented eyes and pointy ears. Each colored eye has their own strength, and oddly enough, Alanna has a complete different pigment to the rest of the kind, making her []

Feast of Chaos (Four Feasts Till Darkness #3) by Christian A. Brown (Book Review #276)

Feast of Chaos is the third book its series. This historical fantasy novel now focuses on the Daughter of Fate, Morigan and her companions. They have to travel to Pandemonia in order to end the Black Queens hunger as she preys on weedy men and wants nothing but destruction. They have to find the queens weakness and Pandemonia is where they can find it. There are several side plots just like the previous two books and the author sums up the finale, []