Category: Fiction

Hunting Abigail by Jeremy Costello (Book Review #809)

Hunting Abigail is an intense psychological thriller set in the year 1922. The story begins by talking about a serial killer in London, and a ten-year-old, Abigail, who happens to be the only survivor. She has seen his face and has lost her parents… Continue Reading “Hunting Abigail by Jeremy Costello (Book Review #809)”

Bottomless Cups by Joel Bresler (Book Review #864)

Bottomless cups is the story really begins with Teddy and Ray spending their life drinking endless cups of coffee at various restaurants that offer refills without you having to purchase any food. With coffee, many stories of discussions, memories, and challenges occur that shape… Continue Reading “Bottomless Cups by Joel Bresler (Book Review #864)”

Whisper of the Lotus by Gabrielle Yetter (Book Review #841)

Whisper of the Lotus is a fictional novel about Charlotte, who travels to Cambodia and meets the dashing Rashid, an older man with a secret. The descriptive writing takes you on a beautiful journey, making you smile as you learn about the golden temple,… Continue Reading “Whisper of the Lotus by Gabrielle Yetter (Book Review #841)”

THE DREAMKEEPERS: An Invictus Mystery Thriller by Antonio Zadra (Book REview #807)

The dreamkeepers is a mystery thriller about Dr. James Dillan. He is called to investigate a crime due to the death of a woman in the Italian Alps. As he researches, uncovers more clues, and ideas of how the crime happens, James plunges into… Continue Reading “THE DREAMKEEPERS: An Invictus Mystery Thriller by Antonio Zadra (Book REview #807)”

Loyal Son by Wayne Diehl (Book review #806)

Loyal son is a historical novel set in 1846. Hundreds of Irish Catholic immigrants are being abused under the command of officers that are part of a very fearful artillery unit in the Mexican Army.

To Give Thanks: Our Pilgrim Ancestors BY DAVE CURLISS (Book Review #805)

To give thanks is a thinking wonderment of our grandparent’s Mayflower crossing in 1620 and the incredible sequence of events leading to the first Thanksgiving. This historical book reminds us of the early American pilgrims taking mankind from an old world and delivering it… Continue Reading “To Give Thanks: Our Pilgrim Ancestors BY DAVE CURLISS (Book Review #805)”

Fire on the Island by Timothy Jay Smith (Book Review #803)

Fire on the Island is a crime mystery drama set in Greece. It is the fourth published novel by the author, and it begins with an arsonist who burns a village down by blowing it up. Nick, a Gay FBI agent, comes in to… Continue Reading “Fire on the Island by Timothy Jay Smith (Book Review #803)”

Lasting Spirit by Jabari Smith (Book Review #795)

  Lasting spirit is an action written novel about Laila. Her mother is dead, and she is with her devoted father, who does not stop at anything to provide a stable home for her daughter. Laila’s mother was a scientist that invented a serum… Continue Reading “Lasting Spirit by Jabari Smith (Book Review #795)”

Perfect by D. D. Larsen (Book Review #793)

Perfect is a romantic crime story written about Seryna. She is a teenager going to high school. She is passionately involved with someone who is rich, powerful. There is one problem though, the FBI is suspicious of her family, and her boyfriend is part… Continue Reading “Perfect by D. D. Larsen (Book Review #793)”