Category: Fiction

Jericho’s Wall by Pamela Young (Book Review #1222)

Jericho’s Wall is a dystopian fiction story. It all begins with Joshlynn, a 16-year-old, getting ready to take her test and be told where she is to live, work, and basically be told how to live. 

The wanting by Christina Strigas (Book Review #1220)

Do soulmates exist? is a fiction romance story that is unconventional and teaches of the kind of love that you not only desire but wish for it to embody a soul as well.

THE LITTLE-KNOWN HEROES: FRANK EMI by Kaushay and Spencer Ford (Book Review #1219)

THE LITTLE-KNOWN HEROES: FRANK EMI is a story about a young Japanese American man having to move out of the country after taking over his father’s market business and running it for years. Frank and his family move into an internment camp and fight… Continue Reading “THE LITTLE-KNOWN HEROES: FRANK EMI by Kaushay and Spencer Ford (Book Review #1219)”

The Fire Starters by Jackson Coppley (Book Review #1211)

The fire starters is a spy history crime story about Nicholas Foxe, who has to uncover the reasons behind the fire starters at Notre Dame and possibly The London Eye. Nick isn’t alone, and with his ready assembled team, he has to stop them… Continue Reading “The Fire Starters by Jackson Coppley (Book Review #1211)”

Golem by PD Alleva (Book Review #1208)

Golem is a psychological horror story set in November 1951. The story begins when John Ashton, a WWII hero is given his first assignment. It’s a high-profile case where the district attorney Charles Xavier is involved. His daughter went missing two years ago and… Continue Reading “Golem by PD Alleva (Book Review #1208)”

The Machine Murders: Island Buoys by CJ Abazis (Book Review #1203)

Island Buoys is a technothriller crime story. The tale begins with a series of murders taking place on the island of Mykonos. Mano Manu is there for a wedding but then gets involved in figuring out who the killer is as the murderer abducts… Continue Reading “The Machine Murders: Island Buoys by CJ Abazis (Book Review #1203)”

Out of no way by Rojé Augustin (Book Review 1217)

Out of no way is a beautiful story about Madam C. J. Walker, a haircare entrepreneur, and her daughter, A’Lelia. Roje. It is a historical fiction poetry book filled with the love of a mother and daughter relationship. Each poem is written differently, and… Continue Reading “Out of no way by Rojé Augustin (Book Review 1217)”

A Kind of Hush by JoDee Neathery (Book Review #1213)

A kind of hush is a mystery thriller and suspense story. It is set in Buffalo, New York, and is about Matt and Summer with their children enjoying an outing when something horrible happens to create an epic survival story.

The Adventures of Ominous Crane By R.C.J. Dwane (Book Review #1206)

The adventure of ominous is a young adult/ teen book and is filled with the adventures of a famous Ominous Crane who retells his stories with his grandson.