Category: Fiction

Ghost by Michael Jack Webb (Book Review #973)

Ghost is a supernatural serial killer story in a world where Kate Justice is a young FBI profiler and has to find who is behind all the killings. She is in for many long hours or investigating looking for someone with supernatural abilities. This… Continue Reading “Ghost by Michael Jack Webb (Book Review #973)”

I am Cuba: Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution by Matthew Langdon Cost (Book Review #968)

I am Cuba is a military historical fiction about Fidel Castro’s battle, beginning with such a small army to when he becomes the most powerful man in Cuba.

Forget Russia by L. Bordetsky-Williams (Book Review #965)

Forget Russia is a historical fiction. It is the tale of three generations of a Russian Jewish family. The story focuses on Anna’s trip to Russia, then the Soviet Union in 1980, her great parents’ journey in the early 20th century. Anna is searching… Continue Reading “Forget Russia by L. Bordetsky-Williams (Book Review #965)”

And The Devil Walks Away by Kevin R. Doyle (Book Review #964)

And the devil walks away is a mystery thriller about Helen being hired by a criminal in order to prove that he has committed the crimes another has been claiming. The serial killer wishes to dig up more crimes than the police know so… Continue Reading “And The Devil Walks Away by Kevin R. Doyle (Book Review #964)”

Amora by Grant J. Hallstrom (Book Review #963)

Amora is a historical fiction with elements of Christian faith embodied in its structure. The story is based on events that actually took place in history. It is detailed and inclusive of historical figures that provide an insight into the Roman period and its… Continue Reading “Amora by Grant J. Hallstrom (Book Review #963)”

Book of Yeshua by Francis Chapman (Book Review #946)

Book of Yeshua is a conspiracy thriller about the prophet of God living in the flesh after the crucifixion. The first thing I had to set aside was the historical accuracy and the fact that this was a work of fiction. There were many… Continue Reading “Book of Yeshua by Francis Chapman (Book Review #946)”

War For Humanity: The Wrath of Black Scar by A. R. Lerwill (Book Review #944)

The wrath of Black Scar is the first book in the war for humanity series. It’s about a fallen world ravaged by climactic struggle and a boy warrior named Aldber who is given a task to find the opposition leader, Black Scar.

Faux friends by A. J. McCarthy (Book Review #937)

Faux friends is a crime thriller story about Chantal Pouliot working with the Quebec police force. Due to a case that has gone wrong, she is given desk duty, but when a new case comes forward, Chantal is eager to jump back into the… Continue Reading “Faux friends by A. J. McCarthy (Book Review #937)”

Deadlock by Thomas Murphy (Book Review #943)

Deadlock is a political thriller portraying a scenario where an electoral deadlock takes place. This is when no one is elected as president.