Category: Fiction

Soap-Stud & Blue-Movie Girl by David Godolphin (Book Review #1371)

Soap-Stud & Blue-Movie Girl is a humorous young adult book. The book consists of two short novellas, both set in the 1990s.

Killing the Butterfly by Dale Ward (Book Review #1369)

‘Killing the Butterfly’ is a fiction thriller, and you follow Patty, a 19-year-old girl who dreams of travelling the world writing. Her dreams don’t really go as planned. Travelling, she does but with her violent boyfriend, Roy, who gets her involved in violent crimes.

Revolution by David Dorrough (Book Review #1365)

Revolution Is a dark humor fictional tale, and its added contemporary comedic element creates a very interesting read. Bill and Yvonne Smede are two middle-aged protagonists living in California, introducing all the drama that comes with their life, friends and relations.

RUNNING AT HIALEAH by Don Marinelli (Book Review #1362)

RUNNING AT HIALEAH is a dark humor book that instantly grabs your attention from the start and keeps you laughing until the end. The concept of the story is strong and written so well that you are amazed.

Empire Resurgent by Robert Bruton (Book Review #1359)

Empire Resurgent is a historical fiction set in 530 A.D. Emperor Justinian is the emperor of Rome. Still, General Belisarius wants to change a few things and how things are run. As he manoeuvres ways to achieve this goal, he finally finds a way… Continue Reading “Empire Resurgent by Robert Bruton (Book Review #1359)”

Soon I’ll Be from the Soil Someday: Essays on Plants and Loss by Eleanor Amicucci(Book Review #1358)

‘Soon I’ll Be from the Soil Someday’ is a collection of essays and writings that is very interesting and enjoyable to read. It is an honest and natural representation of what the author knows and has experienced. Surprisingly, you also get to learn a… Continue Reading “Soon I’ll Be from the Soil Someday: Essays on Plants and Loss by Eleanor Amicucci(Book Review #1358)”

Ask Not by Mary M. Schmidt (Book Review #1357)

‘Ask Not’ is a fantasy romance about Katie Casey and her obsession with the Kennedys. Her life isn’t much at all. Her daughter is a teen suicide, and her son has no ambition or goals, but the focus is mostly on her keen eagerness… Continue Reading “Ask Not by Mary M. Schmidt (Book Review #1357)”

Bombora by Paul Drewitt (Book Review #1356)

Bombora is a very intense and though provoking fictional tale set in 1981 and begins with a 16-year-old Andy, and his brother’s friend Mick deciding to explore the underwater tunnels and other daring things that end up testing Any’s strength, swimming in caves.

Close Your Eyes: A Fairy Tale by Chris Tomasini (Book Review #1354)

‘Close your eyes’ is a historical fiction set in the 1400s, and it’s about the King of Gora hiring a cast of helpers to ensure the safety, enjoyment, and entertainment of his two children.