Category: Fiction

Two Rivers by Bob Rogers (Book Review #1445)

‘Two Rivers’ is a novel emphasizing the long-held enslavers’ myths. The story creates an opportunity for everyone to better understand the lives of Americans—black and white—living day-to-day in 1854-1855.

Transforming Souls by R.D. Samsara (Book Review #1444)

‘Transforming Souls’ is a collection story filled with short stories that consist of drama, thrill and contemporary style of writing. Each story is relatable, and this enables something for everyone.

Reaper by J.R. Lightfoot (Book Review #1441)

‘Reaper’ is a fantasy story filled with horror and elements of Christianity. The story begins with Reaper traveling to Colley and attempting to eliminate a demon. What he finds himself in is a whole other ordeal.

The Hapless Hero by Terdell Lee Johnson (Book Review #1440)

‘The Judges Chronicles’ is a fictional story taken from the biblical book of Judges. Gideon is a rabbit chosen by the Holy One to be a general and manage and protect the county of Shavron.

The Repertoire by Kristin Fouquet (Book Review #1437)

‘The Repertoire’ is a contemporary love story and tells the story of a vocalist, Audrey Reine and Cleo, a nightclub owner. When Audrey is dumped by her lover for a younger partner, she is heartbroken but still remains strong.

Alligator River by Jackson Banks (Book Review #1436)

‘Alligator River’ is a thriller suspense about Chief Ranger Brandon Maddox, who is hired to investigate the murder of Heather O’Neill. Her body is found by the River National Wildlife Refuge, and Jeremy’s fingerprints are there, but Maddox believes there is more at play,… Continue Reading “Alligator River by Jackson Banks (Book Review #1436)”

Fire & Ice (Book 2 in the Mauzzy & Me Mystery series) by B.T. Polcari (Book Review #1435)

‘Fire and Ice’ is the second book of the Mauzzy and Me Mystery season. The story begins with Sara Donovan, who suspects that one of the rare gems held in the vault at the Carlton Museum has been replaced with a fake.

The Land of the Young by Will Robinson (Book Review #1434)

‘The Land of the Young’ is a fantasy story geared towards teen and young adult readers. It begins with Bridget Houlihan and her journey trying to survive the Irish Famine of the 1840s. As she vows to protect her family and to provide for… Continue Reading “The Land of the Young by Will Robinson (Book Review #1434)”

The Middle Between Us by Itamar S.N. (Book Review #1433)

‘The Middle Between Us’ is a historical fiction that is a love story about two couples set in very different conditions. The gay romance, in particular, is interesting since it is set in the unknown and searches for sexual identity.