The Keukenh of Gardens planted the seed for my book and the Boogman family the moment I arrived By Rose Elaine 


In 1984, I was a senior in high school, and my family moved to England. I felt like the luckiest person in the alive. It was here my world grew at an exponential rate. I was about to have an adventure that would change my life forever. I graduated from London Central in High Wycombe, England, and as a graduation present, I visited Holand. When the tulips grow in long lines as far as the eye can see,  it is a truly magnificent sight in the spring.

I learned about the history of the tulip trade and how to grow a tiny garden of my own, divide the bulbs, and as a result, take a little tulip garden and make it much more significant. I learned about the Duch trade about the tulip crash of 1637. I visited Amsterdam, saw windmills, and learned how the Netherlands constructed dikes and dams. I attended a class that showed me the skill of making and how to repair a wooden shoe. I went to Amsterdam, saw Ann Franks’s house, and to the Van Gogh museum.

In my book On Rosy Lane, David and his wife Roos (the Duch word for Rose) move to America to build their dynasty. They hold on to their belief that generosity and kindness can make all the difference. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to hear more about my experiences and how they shaped the book series Rosy Lane.

Written by Rose Elaine

Author Bio:

My name is Carla, and I am the author and the artist behind Rose Elaine and the Rosy Lane series of books. I have had the opportunity to travel worldwide, and I have crossed the Atlantic Ocean 10 times and the Pacific 6 times! I graduated from London Central in High Wycombe, England. Attended college in Kansas and began my sales career in Chicago, Illinois. Currently, I live in Tennessee and find joy in painting and writing every day.  Traveling has been a blessing to me. I have had so many experiences and have met so many people. These experiences planted the seeds that grew into the characters, situations, and plotlines. Writing brings me great joy.

As an artist, it has been fun to illustrate and create paintings and drawings that represent how I imagine Rosy Lane to be. I am inspired by the gardens in England’s lush green grass, not to mention the beautiful Roses.

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