Vincent Van Gogh, the Ambiguity of Insanity by Giuseppe Cafiero (Book Review #525)

Vincent Van Gogh was an extraordinary Dutch painter. He was famous and influential in his time and made an impact on Western Art. There are many articles and opinions made about his work, in particular, his love for women and places. This audiobook provides an insight into his life, his passion, and dealings with his mental state of mind.

The author describes Van Gogh’s life as well lived but also is truthful about his religious enthusiasm, his love for his cousin and disappointing relationships. He mentions the fall out between Gaugin and also the matter of his suicide.


One cannot deny that Van Gogh was different and due to his lifestyle, love for women and places he lived and explored his painting were a representation of that.


The literature was written with respect and was very informative. It paints a beautiful visionary understanding and interpretation of Vincent. The book was intriguing in its retelling and also was truthful to the nature of its work.

The audiobook was clear had a good pace and was easy to follow and understand.

I found the organized approach to writing this book appealing. The work is translated, and I was glad to see that it did not lose its authenticity through the translation.

I recommend this book to readers that are interested in art, history, paintings, and landscape.


Written by Jeyran Main

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