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They Lived They Were at Brighton Beach By Iván Brave (Book Review #768)

They lived they were at Brighton beach is a contemporary fiction book about the coming of age of a struggling artist. Ilya is a 22-year-old dancer at a nightclub. He loses her over a hidden stash of coke and prescription pills. Everything goes downhill… Continue Reading “They Lived They Were at Brighton Beach By Iván Brave (Book Review #768)”

Around Midnight by Zarina Macha (Book Review #680)

Around Midnight is a young adult novel written about a girl that loves music and thrives on playing her saxophone. She has everything going for her. A prestigious opportunity for studying music and the potential for being a huge success. Megan meets a dashing… Continue Reading “Around Midnight by Zarina Macha (Book Review #680)”

The Spirit of Music by Boringbug

The Spirit of Music Music started as a chant with rhythm and gradually developed into a form of personality. It was a medium to convey a person’s thought on the meanings of life and capture them as a song. Being able to combine these… Continue Reading “The Spirit of Music by Boringbug”