Around Midnight by Zarina Macha (Book Review #680)

Around Midnight is a young adult novel written about a girl that loves music and thrives on playing her saxophone. She has everything going for her. A prestigious opportunity for studying music and the potential for being a huge success. Megan meets a dashing man named Vincent. He is dangerous. He is mysterious, and he shakes things up for Megan.

The story represents a woman’s view in dating, meeting a man that may or may not necessarily be what you anticipated. The love and connection between Megan and Vincent were intriguing. Their bond and dialogue brought out the best from the storyline.


Megan is a naturally happy person. This made her character to be likeable and caused the reader to instinctively want to defend her, protect her and to support her.


The literature was suitable for the age of its audience. The pace of the story was steady, and the content was field with plentiful fun, drama and love.


I very much liked the author’s work. I would recommend this book to music lovers, musicians, fiction readers and young adult fans.


Written by Jeyran Main

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