Skylerr Darren – In his own words

Since the age of six-years-old, I can recall finding a fulfilling interest in writing and telling stories to my closest friends and family, enjoying the fact that I could merely entertain myself by conjuring up words and creating people to live in these alternate realities with mindsets and functions of their own. When I first began writing, my stories would take on the form of either weirdness or slapstick comedy, which I now contribute to the style of Surrealism.

I harbored a fascination in writing about things that obviously couldn’t happen, no matter how outlandish or eccentric they may have come across, and I believe that the ability to completely forget about the world around me and get lost within my own fictitious realm is what inspired me to put together “Interview with The Devil: Parts One and Two: Victor’s Account and Lanza’s Account.” As time progressed, my writing style stayed the same as far as the dreamlike aspects and strangeness were concerned, but I began to produce darker works as a way of expressing both thoughts and feelings, and as a way of inducing readers to think of society in a different way.

That Anything can be a monster, and sometimes what we fear the most can be the very things that we see in the mirror every day. I’ve had a pretty decent experience working on my first two publications which were strictly horror, but I’m seeking to write something on a more horror-comedy scale since I do love to laugh and make jokes. I believe that making light out of dark subject matters can help people see that there’s really nothing to be afraid of, and if anything, it’s okay to find humor in the depraved and not to take things so seriously. I love every reaction that my works receive, even if it’s negative, because in my mind, if something can push someone to the extent of even writing an opposing comment about it, then it had to have been worth reacting to in the first place.

All attention isn’t always good attention, but it’s attention nonetheless. I think that with the type of writing style that I have, I’m naturally going to upset a lot of people, and although it can get tiring at times, it’s a responsibility that I knew about beforehand when I decided to take on the job. I’ll simply see where this takes me and what’s to come for the future.

Written by Skylerr Darren


About the Author:

Skylerr Darren (born Skylerr Darren Chang) is an American author, fiction writer, and artist.

Born in the city of Upland, California on August 18, 1998, Darren displayed a broad interest in drawing and writing short stories while still in elementary school, and at the age of eight years old he developed a comic strip about a rabbit with supernatural abilities which eventually lead to the publication of the short book in Skylerr’s school library. Darren continued to pursue this creative passion which eventuated in him drifting off into the horror/thriller genre in which he calls “The darker side of life.”


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