Is it Safe? by Deborah Jean Miller


Is it Safe? by Deborah Jean Miller


Who will read my book? What if I’m the laughingstock of the entire Midwest? “Local author goes viral for writing the worst book ever written!” said the evening news anchor. Really, Deb? Get over yourself. Don’t I have as much right as anyone to dive into that swelling tide of authordom? Okay, so I’m not a Tolstoy or a Shakespeare, but I have a story to tell. And it’s my story, written the way I wanted to write it! So there.

The Essence of Shade tiptoed into my brain over fifteen years ago and never left. Funny how that happens. Like, how did it get there? Not sure, but I think it’s an intriguing story. The main character, Shade, is reared in foster care, becomes pregnant and marries a controlling Christian man. When he dies suddenly, she struggles with a lack of self-esteem, a drug-addicted daughter, a neglected grandson, and a haunting secret from her husband’s past—a secret so profound it triggers a series of events that lead her down a path toward redemption. It’s a story about a walk of faith, a love that can never be, and her struggles with sin. I’d classify it as Christian Women’s Fiction, but with imperfect Christians like myself.

So, the story is all said and done—the manuscript is complete! I did it! Resounding applause! But wait. We’re only getting started, my friends. For self-published authors like myself, it’s all about self-promotion. And what’s this? I need a website, too? Ugh. It can be quite overwhelming but fear not. There are so many tools available today to help indie authors. And a special thanks to all the book bloggers out there who support our work. And for Jeyran Main for offering a piece of her real-estate to promote authors like me! I feel so blessed. So, is it safe? It depends on how you define “safe.” For me, it’s feeling secure in my decision to get out of the boat and test the water. Because if I never do, I’ll never learn how to swim.

Written by Jean Miller


About the Author


Born and raised in southeast Michigan, Deborah retired from a long career in advertising before penning her first novel—a story that had been simmering in her brain for over fifteen years. When she is not writing, she can be found in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes. She continues to live in The Great Lakes State with her husband and enjoys traveling the world, tasting wines, and volunteering at the Salvation Army. Recipes for foods mentioned in her book can be found on her website:


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