We Own the Sky by Sara Crawford (Book Review #440)

We own the sky is a young adult book about a sixteen-year-old girl. Sylvia Baker loves music and has the ability to see flickering people. Due to her nature being this way, she meets Vincent and realizes that he is, in fact, a muse. As she understands more about him and the muses, she falls in love and that is when the story takes an interesting turn.

Sylvia also suffers from depression which swayed the story towards a different dimension. It added depth, meaning and made it more relatable. Sylvia’s character was very interesting and it was enjoyable to read.

What I felt could have improved was the relationship she had with Vincent. He appeared to have a stronger hold on Sylvia and that made the love interest between them questionable.

The literature was smooth and the way it was written caused the reader to feel the impact of certain scenes. This made the book stand out for me and afterward gave me a certain secure feeling about the whole storyline.

Sylvia is a school girl with the feelings of an ordinary teenager. I recommend this book to Young adult readers and fantasy lovers.

Written by Jeyran Main


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