Mad Mischief by Susan St. John (Book Review #514)

Mad Mischief is a literary fiction about Sarah traveling to Africa with her husband. Her relationship has many issues, and with the trip being a stressful one, it did not get any better. While you genuinely get to feel that you have gone to Africa and have experienced this beautiful country, the descriptive writing allows you to also sense the tension and problems this trip faced.

The story takes another turn when the tour guide gets into trouble with the law, and Sarah acts in attempting to fix the problem. Sarah possesses this beautiful ladylike attitude of wanting to survive the scenarios she is in even though, most of the elements around her are almost impossible to solve.

The descriptive writing reached unsuspected depths of emotional turmoil and human pathos. Max, the tour guide does not possess the right paperwork and is detained by the authorities. The sensitive subject of suicide is delicately intertwined with the storyline.


The subjective matter of being diagnosed with bipolar was also another exciting segment of the plot. The character development was accomplished perfectly, and it was effortless to bond with the casting crew.


I recommend this book to people who are interested in reading stories that offer subjects on bullying, being bipolar, abuse, relationship issues and enjoy Africa.


Written by Jeyran Main

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