Title 2 by Keith Julius 


My last article dealt with titles, and how important they are to lure the reader into a story.  Titles should be evocative, inspiring questions and wonder, yet at the same time, they should also tell the reader something about the book.  I have tried to follow this line of reasoning with my series “The CASA Chronicles.”

“Catch a Falling Star,” has, or at least I hope it has, a feeling of optimism regarding the title. The star of the book – in this case, a young mother named Aleisha Turner – has had a dramatic setback in her life.  She has overdosed on heroin and has lost her children due to her drug addiction.  She has fallen hard, and her life is looking pretty bleak.  But, as the title correctly suggests, it isn’t too late for her, particularly if there is someone willing to lend a hand and offer support.  I feel this book, even with all the tragic overtones it contains, is really a story of hope, survival, and the chance for redemption.

The second book in the series is “Born For Adversity.”  It concerns twin eight-year-old boys and the suffering of one of them in particular.  I am no Bible scholar, but astute readers of The Good Book may recognize the title as a quote from Proverbs 17:17.  One of the main characters in the book quotes from The Bible on a regular basis.  Her optimism and strength is a big part of the story, once again projecting some hope onto an otherwise bleak family struggle.  I attempted, with my choice of title, to point the reader in this direction; so they consider the strength and determination of the family members, rather than dwelling on the hardship.

My newest book deals with a subject matter that can certainly be termed depressing.  But once again, I prefer to recognize the strength of the main character rather than her tragic circumstances, as we follow fifteen-year-old Rosaletta Guiterrez through an ordeal no teenager should ever have to endure.  “The Robber Of Youth” refers in large part to the antagonist of the story but, at the same time, informs us of the tragic road Rosaletta must follow, as she loses her childhood and is thrust into adult situations she must struggle to survive through.

My books are not light reading, but neither are they totally pessimistic about life.  One of the things that make humans great is our ability to rise above tragedy and persevere, regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Hope can propel us into acts of greatness and carry us through the hardest of trials and tribulations.

Written by Keith Julius

Please visit www.keithjulius.com to learn more about me and my writing.  Here you’ll find links to buying my books as well as sample chapters of each of my novels.

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