SUDDENLY SINGLE SYLVIA adapted to the screen!

SUDDENLY SINGLE SYLVIA adapted to the screen!


It was actually a TV pilot script before it was a novella and dating guide. One year after the release of the paperback and kindle, “Suddenly Single Sylvia” on Amazon, we were on set with talented actors and crew shooting a ten-minute segment of scenes from the book.

The challenge was writing a compelling story in ten pages that would hold up as a short film.  Once the script was ready, I had a table read with my screenwriting group who gave great feedback and notes for improvement. Then we held auditions with actors and their interpretations of the characters that led to more script revisions.


As they say, “don’t try this at home,” until you have some TV and film writing experience.  I had already written and produced several shorts with my first on the SHORTSTV channel. In addition, I have feature scripts optioned and major competition finalists.


We assembled a fantastic cast and crew for an end of August shoot in Los Angeles in two locations.  I doubled as producer and wardrobe manager for the three actors. Along with the director we shopped in discount, thrift stores an online for items within the chosen color palette. One advantage of being a shopaholic is that many items needed were already in my own closet.


It was magical to see Sylvia, a bankrupt divorcee turned date coach, and her housemates Kiki and Honey come to life in front of the camera.  We even managed to slip in a scene with Sylvia’s clients on a disastrous date in a Chinese restaurant.

Once complete, the intention is to submit to film festivals. Hopefully, it will get enough buzz to approach TV and streaming producers on a potential series.

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Written by Angela Page


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