Constance: One Road to Take: The Life and Photography of Constance Stuart Larrabee (1914–2000) by Peter Elliott (Book Review #515)

Constance is not so much of a biography but an attempt to display Constance Stuart Larrabee’s life into perspective using her photography. The attempt is to gain more of an understanding of her work and allowing the reader into her personal life, past and present.

What you appreciate is Constance’s appreciation of her truthfulness in her photographs and how she respects her subjects and her mediums throughout her years of photography. Constance saw her success in having a natural gift in seeing things with an eye.

Peter Elliot’s attempts in gathering all the necessary information in order to deliver an exemplary composition of this photographer’s life. The work has an embodied message which is to live life to the fullest and focus on positive things. Becoming who you are and trying best to make a difference were all the positive messages this book bore.

I was expecting a little more photographs from the author in the book. The biography was excellently put together. It was organized and covered most aspect of Constance’s life. The literature was easy to read and to understand. I would recommend this book to people that like to read life stories that inspire and lead you to be a better person.

The understanding after reading this book is that the perspective of how one sees life has an extraordinary effect on a person’s way of living and that view directly influences who they become eventually.

Written by Jeyran Main


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