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SUDDENLY SINGLE SYLVIA adapted to the screen!

SUDDENLY SINGLE SYLVIA adapted to the screen!   It was actually a TV pilot script before it was a novella and dating guide. One year after the release of the paperback and kindle, “Suddenly Single Sylvia” on Amazon, we were on set with talented actors and… Continue Reading “SUDDENLY SINGLE SYLVIA adapted to the screen!”

How Blog Posts and Articles Can Promote Your Book By Angela Page

How blog posts and articles can promote your book! Want to increase readership and book sales, write an article or blog post? Writing material related to a non-fiction is a no-brainer. Chances are you’re an expert and can easily expand or provoke further discussion… Continue Reading “How Blog Posts and Articles Can Promote Your Book By Angela Page”

Suddenly Single Sylvia by Angela Page (Book Review #327)

Suddenly Single Sylvia is a novel written about a 55-year-old woman who begins to run a dating company. She sets some rules and boundaries, and with the help of her friends, it becomes a successful career. As fate has it, somehow, the rules set… Continue Reading “Suddenly Single Sylvia by Angela Page (Book Review #327)”