How Blog Posts and Articles Can Promote Your Book By Angela Page

How blog posts and articles can promote your book!

Want to increase readership and book sales, write an article or blog post?

Writing material related to a non-fiction is a no-brainer. Chances are you’re an expert and can easily expand or provoke further discussion on your book’s topic through a blog post or article. But fiction writers have a challenge and need to be creative. Here are some of the areas to explore:

  • Your book’s central theme(s).
  • The main location(s) described.
  • Expand on historical references and the era.
  • Your inspiration for writing the book such as an event or other trigger.
  • Backstory of one of your main characters and if based on a real person.
  • Any unusual practice or method you used to write the book.
  • Bonus material in form of background stories or information.

I was fortunate my last book “Suddenly Single Sylvia” about a newly divorced mature woman turned dating coach included a dating guide for boomers. It was a natural extension to write articles on dating and relationships.  My first novel, “Matched in Heaven,” was inspired by the death and my loss of three partners over two decades. So far I have yet to bring myself to write about the real grief, hardship and coping skills. But it may be of help to others who have lived through similar circumstances.

It’s also important to engage the readers of the article by posing a discussion topic and encouraging them to respond with comments, shares, tweets or forwards of the post or article. My article, “How to cope if you’ve been dumped, ghosted and love-bombed.” prompted one woman to admit to being a love-bomber with a long personal story on the magazine’s site. Other articles on dating were forwarded and shared on Twitter and Facebook with comments. In essence, my dating articles expanded existing chapters and themes providing bonus material. It’s hard to tell if this article drove book sales but it gave me indication and validation that my book’s theme resonated with the target audience.

The first step is to develop pitch topics related to your book. Then query blogs and online magazines and include a link to your book and/or website. Once you have a published article or blog post, and then ensure it’s cross-posted across social media. Then hopefully watch book/kindle sales soar!

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Written by Angela Page


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