Category: historical fiction

The Sins of Others by Florian Schneider (Book Review #839)

The sins of others is a historical fiction set in 1933. It tells the story of Ben Heimlich, an English conflict zone photographer, and his estranged mother, who happens to be a militant fanatic on the run. Although Ben’s life may seem ideal, he… Continue Reading “The Sins of Others by Florian Schneider (Book Review #839)”

Prospects of a Woman by Wendy Voorsanger (Book Review #828)

Prospects of a Woman is a historical novel about Elisabeth Parker. The story is set in 1849, and Elisabeth travels to California with her husband, Nate, to see her father. Things don’t turn out as planned as Elisabeth finds herself stranded by her father,… Continue Reading “Prospects of a Woman by Wendy Voorsanger (Book Review #828)”

Loyal Son by Wayne Diehl (Book review #806)

Loyal son is a historical novel set in 1846. Hundreds of Irish Catholic immigrants are being abused under the command of officers that are part of a very fearful artillery unit in the Mexican Army.

To Give Thanks: Our Pilgrim Ancestors BY DAVE CURLISS (Book Review #805)

To give thanks is a thinking wonderment of our grandparent’s Mayflower crossing in 1620 and the incredible sequence of events leading to the first Thanksgiving. This historical book reminds us of the early American pilgrims taking mankind from an old world and delivering it… Continue Reading “To Give Thanks: Our Pilgrim Ancestors BY DAVE CURLISS (Book Review #805)”

Immortalize by Donald Furrow-Scott (Book Review #789)

Immortalize is a pair of novels set in the Phoenician Mediterranean, circa 760BCE. It is a historical fiction story about the ancient sea kingdom of Phoenicia trying to guard and protect the Pillars of Hercules at the Straits of Gibraltar and thus, its shipping… Continue Reading “Immortalize by Donald Furrow-Scott (Book Review #789)”

Blood and Silver by Vali Benson (Book Review #776)

Blood and silver is a short Young adult historical fiction written about a 12-year-old girl who lives with her mother in a brothel. The story is set in Tombstone, the year 1880, and Carissa has a lot to deal with.

The Book of Skulls (Doctresses 1) David Hutchison (Book Review #770)

The book of skulls is a historical crime fiction with a BAME and LBGTQ slant. The story is set in Edinburgh’s Old Town. Liza and Amulya attend the same Medical School. At a riot, they are helped by a reporter, Hector and a student,… Continue Reading “The Book of Skulls (Doctresses 1) David Hutchison (Book Review #770)”

Finnegan Found by John Powers (Book Review #815)

Finnegan is a historical fiction story about a young American soldier who experiences being imprisoned while he is in Korea during the war. The story is set in 1951 and discusses the time where the Chinese had a re-education plan, and the prisoners were… Continue Reading “Finnegan Found by John Powers (Book Review #815)”

Who’s your daddy by Arisa white (Book review #797)

  Who’s your daddy is a lyrical genre-bending coming-of-age tale featuring a young, queer, black Guyanese American woman who, while seeking to define her own place in the world, negotiates an estranged relationship with her father.