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The Sparrow by Jamie Horwath (Book Review #618)

The Sparrow is a story about Jasper and Ben. This horror book begins with the two men living in a Funeral Home. As they go about their day to day life duties, dealing with the deceased, a drifter shows up looking for a job.… Continue Reading “The Sparrow by Jamie Horwath (Book Review #618)”

Treading the Uneven Road by Lorna Brown (Book Review #559)

Treading the Uneven Road by Lorna Brown   Treading the uneven road is a short collection storybook that is all set in a small village in the early 1980s and ’90s. Each story is filled with passion and interesting characters. It focuses on Ireland… Continue Reading “Treading the Uneven Road by Lorna Brown (Book Review #559)”

The Childless Ones by Cam Rhys Lay (Book Review #553)

The childless ones is a short story with mixed fiction and fantasy within two worlds of a storyline. It begins with Jack’s wife being assaulted while he is busy with a prostitute, displaying their relationship problems, later on getting a divorce and marrying someone… Continue Reading “The Childless Ones by Cam Rhys Lay (Book Review #553)”

Cold Betrayal by A.J. McCarthy (Book Review #539)

Cold betrayal is a fiction thriller story about Victoria Anderson trying to find Danny. She has to find him so bad that she travels all the way from Florida to Quebec, Canada. The story unfolds many ups and down in her attempt to find… Continue Reading “Cold Betrayal by A.J. McCarthy (Book Review #539)”

Big Red by Damien Larkin (Book Review #537)

Darren Loughlin is a soldier waking up realizing that a lot has changed. He has been away on Mars for a very long time, coming back to Earth trying to figure out and recall what has happened. As he begins to understand everything, he… Continue Reading “Big Red by Damien Larkin (Book Review #537)”

309 by Michael Shotter (Book Review #533)

309 is a science fiction novel written about Lisa Hudson, a journalist living in Pittsburgh. A disaster changes Lisa’s situation and life, causing her to observe things she never thought were possible. She and a team have to work together defeating aliens and the… Continue Reading “309 by Michael Shotter (Book Review #533)”

The Dry by Judith Pratt (Book Review #490)

The dry is a coming of age story set in the fantasy genre. The world set up is completely different in such a way that everyone that crosses this strange desert type of land, loses their mind. This can be avoided if only you… Continue Reading “The Dry by Judith Pratt (Book Review #490)”

Vanished by Mark Bierman (Book Review #471)

Vanished is a story about two people John and Tyler, trying to retrieve a little girl who has been stolen and sold by human traffickers. The couple goes through many obstacles in order to find the girl. The race is on when the time… Continue Reading “Vanished by Mark Bierman (Book Review #471)”

Full Circle by Regina Timothy (Book Review #419)

Full Circle is a contemporary fiction novel written about Samia – al – Sayyid. She is an Iraqi Immigrant that lives with her son. Samina is strong, she has found some friends and has semi-established her life as much as she can in New… Continue Reading “Full Circle by Regina Timothy (Book Review #419)”