Big Red by Damien Larkin (Book Review #537)

Darren Loughlin is a soldier waking up realizing that a lot has changed. He has been away on Mars for a very long time, coming back to Earth trying to figure out and recall what has happened. As he begins to understand everything, he remembers the brutality that was conducted during his stay at Mars, which explains a few things, now that he is back.

This science fiction, action thriller story begins and ends with a faced pace storyline. The literature standard was suitable to its genre and the content had a nice flow. I believe the strength of the story came with the thrilling scenes and the descriptive nature of the content, however, to add to this, the character development was also well delivered.


There were a few concepts that at first made me doubt if I fully understood the terminology, however, after following through, everything made sense. As a sci-fi reader, I loved the principle character and the pleasingly intelligent writing.



I recommend this book to science fiction readers and people who enjoy thrillers.


Written by Jeyran Main

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