Fit for Joy: The Healing Power of Being You by Valeria Koopman (Book Review #536)

Fit for joy is a psychological self-help book providing an insightful look as to how one can combine spirituality with physical fitness, and what outcome is achieved after that. The subject matter and goal is inner peace. The author attempts to use her own life experiences as an example and ushers in a new view towards living, exercise, and health.

The fundamental keywords are courage and forgiveness. From the beginning, the book works as a biography explaining every step the author took in her life and how everything panned out from her perspective.


The literature was easy to read and to follow. The book was divided into three parts ending with reflections. I appreciated the fact that the author wanted to create a practical and creative way to inspire better living. Her attempt is to adhere to the true meaning of health.


I recommend this book to people that wish to change the way they live. The content reflects on psychological matters and suitable for readers who care about spirituality.


Written by Jeyran Main

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