309 by Michael Shotter (Book Review #533)

309 is a science fiction novel written about Lisa Hudson, a journalist living in Pittsburgh. A disaster changes Lisa’s situation and life, causing her to observe things she never thought were possible. She and a team have to work together defeating aliens and the struggle to achieve peace is when the story becomes interesting.


The author touches on new elements of fantasy and science fiction in such a way that it felt as though the concept of the storyline was novel. I particularly enjoyed the title of the book. It was very fitting to the content of the book.


The pace of the story was steady and continued to be intriguing. Every scene, to my understanding, had a revelation which was surprising and thrilling to the eyes.


The literature was descriptive and I believe that made it be a delightful read. As a fantasy novel, I was expecting the exact standard of lyrical flow and I appreciated the authors skill in living up to my expectation.


Lisa’s character was drawn carefully and blended well into the storyline. Her journalist nature and personality were a skillful addition to the book.


I would recommend this book to sci-fi readers and people who like to read on aliens.


Written by Jeyran Main

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