The Childless Ones by Cam Rhys Lay (Book Review #553)

The childless ones is a short story with mixed fiction and fantasy within two worlds of a storyline. It begins with Jack’s wife being assaulted while he is busy with a prostitute, displaying their relationship problems, later on getting a divorce and marrying someone else. They too have problems struggling with infertility and things are simply not going as good. The sudden revelation shakes him. The reader is then introduced to jack and his world of writing where it is Empire based with creatures, exotic landscapes, and beasts. The two worlds eventually get to line up creating this interesting novel book.

I found the book to be very unique in its own way. The characters stood out to me with their own personalities and growth. The backstory provided enough information to relax you into the story and then take you on this journey where you kept switching from reality to fantasy.


The literature was written well, precise and was driven. I particularly enjoyed the concept of the memory tree. It was a world where elflike people who did not possess a long life would transfer their memories into this tree. It reminded me of the avatar where the tree was a collection of many years of remembrances.


I recommend this book to readers who enjoy storylines that are unique.

Written by Jeyran Main


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