Treading the Uneven Road by Lorna Brown (Book Review #559)

Treading the Uneven Road by Lorna Brown


Treading the uneven road is a short collection storybook that is all set in a small village in the early 1980s and ’90s. Each story is filled with passion and interesting characters. It focuses on Ireland and its people discussing some of the issues they used to have at the time such as how receptive they were for change. It spoke of marriages, friendships, love, sexuality, and emotional encounters between storylines.

The literature was easy to read and to follow. The work as a collection was enjoyable and suitable for people who like to read a short amount of time.

The stories also discussed personal struggles and growth. I particularly enjoyed this segment of the story as it was descriptive and written with emotions.

People who do not like long hours of reading would find this collection suitable for their liking. The pace of the story was suitable for the storyline and I enjoyed the flow of everything. The collection contained a great deal of content that was jammed into a short story. I admired the author’s ability to still manage to provide a decent amount of content considering the book was a collection of short stories.


I recommend this book to fiction and short story readers.


Written by Jeyran Main

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