Lance:  A Spirit Unbroken by Walter Stoffel (Book Review #558)

Lance is a memoir story about a dog that is rescued only for their owners to realize later on the extensive amount of work and trouble they have gotten themselves in. This humorous book discusses a Border collie dog that has endured many years of hardship and abuse before a man and woman rescue him. However, the new owners are clueless about what they have done, and once they find out the real reason for Lance being prisoned, they then have to make some critical and heart aching choice.

As I read along, I noticed that I was at ease bonding with the situation and realistically sensing my present into the scenes. It was very touching to feel the same way as the characters did and to have questions that were later on answered in the book. As a dog owner myself, I found it very hard to read some parts only because of how much I love animals.

The intention behind the memoir is to bring Lance’s painful obscurity and to give him the recognition he deserves. I sincerely believe that the author did just that.

The literature was easy to read and follow. The work read like a fictional story even though it was a fact. It included all the right emotions, attitudes, realness and authentic experiences we all endure when we favor a pet and love. The humor added a huge positive fact to the story, and I appreciated the real intentions behind writing this book. I also admired the additional mention of the connection the author has with Lace in order to bond the whole story together.


I recommend this book to people who love animals, especially dogs. This book is for memoir fans and anyone who is up for an emotional yet funny read.

Written by Jeyran Main


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