Cold Betrayal by A.J. McCarthy (Book Review #539)

Cold betrayal is a fiction thriller story about Victoria Anderson trying to find Danny. She has to find him so bad that she travels all the way from Florida to Quebec, Canada. The story unfolds many ups and down in her attempt to find him, as it appears that he is a wanted man. Tori risks her life trying to bring Danny back and the entire story ends with revealing why that is.

I found the story to be very thrilling. I could not understand what the obsession in the mystery was but was glad to find out in the end. The story, in my opinion, could have worked well with more character background and story. I believe it would have hugely impacted the ending and the reveal.


The literature standard was very fitting to the thrilling nature of the mystery. It was suspenseful and the pace was steady enough for keeping the reader intrigued.


Coldness not only works well with the season being winter but also to the brutality of the nature of which Tori is under. I appreciated the author’s delicacy is writing with such style creating tense scenes which kept me intrigued.


Written by Jeyran Main

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