Interview with the devil by Skylerr Darren (Book Review #540)

Interview with the devil is a psychological horror about Victor, a serial killer and the reasons why he became such a person. The story vibrantly explains his harsh upbringing and all of the abuse he went through in detail. It is obvious that there are severe mental issues associating with the protagonist and the story does not sway shy from descriptively inviting the reader into the serial killer’s mind.

I found the literature to be superbly written. It is the exact material readers love who are into horror and mystery. As the protagonist was an aspiring psychologist, I thought of the irony of such a wish as well as the interview he was conducting as a patient in a mental asylum.


The mysterious story had an interesting twist to it which I thought was well put together. I must express that the book is not suitable for the light-hearted. There are truly disturbing scenes written with a genuine and real sense of actuality. I admired the author’s ability in writing in such a way and thought that the work was definitely narrated with care.


Sensitive subject matters such as rape, child abuse, suicide were just a few mentioned in this book. Therefore, I would recommend this book to anyone that feels they are up to reading such a storyline.


Written by Jeyran Main

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