MENy Calculations: Win Divorce & Custody Before You Even Step Into Court (Volume 1) by J. Alfa Mais (Book Review #541)

Meny Calculations is a short self-help book aiming to assist men in winning their divorce or custody battle. This short e-book of 79 pages provides a step by step guide for men that lack the common divorce support they may need at such a hard time.

The author carefully has organized a short and sweet book for men. From the challenges to the child’s play and divorce decrees, the book is useful and strategically allows you to manage the situation in your own hand.


I am not sure why the author decided to make this book to be male-oriented but, I appreciated it nonetheless. I also valued his effort to make it known that the book was not intended to discount the contributions women have made and gone through divorce either.


It is true that one can easily forget who they are and how they feel after they take too many hits from their spouse. The typhoon of emotions that comes with a divorce is undoubtedly something that derives out of the clearest of minds. Therefore, having a book like this can certainly come handy.


I recommend this book to people who wish to not pay a hefty lawyer’s price and want to go through a divorce process with an open eye.


Written by Jeyran Main


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