Category: Thriller Action-Adventure

Harvesting Evil by CJ Wheeler (Book Review #1336)

Harvesting Evil is a crime thriller set in Lake Michigan, where a serial killer is on the loose, and young women are mutilated and resurfacing. Sheriff Parker is doing all he can, and as he reaches the FBI for assistance, things begin to take… Continue Reading “Harvesting Evil by CJ Wheeler (Book Review #1336)”

Lethal Keystrokes by John D. May (Book Review #1326)

Lethal Keystrokes is an action thriller story that highlights the threat we face from all the individuals who wish to seek revenge over personal matters and use our vulnerability in order to achieve their goals.

Tomorrow’s End by G.R. Morris (Book Review #1319)

Tomorrow’s End is book one of its series and is filled with demons, aliens, and a galaxy-saving prophecy. The premise is concise and trends on two characters that are well created and mesh well together, keeping you engaged until the end.

Sons of Taldra BY Duane Simolke (Book Review #1318)

Sons of Taldra is a sci-fi story filled with action, adventure, aliens, and battle scenes. It’s all about Valchondria developing a one-world government and sending two ships of colonists into deep space.

The White Lie by Zarnaab Adil (Book Review #1310)

The White Lie is a short dystopian thriller written filled with the journey of Foreign Minister Shahzain Magsi and his man Hasan Murtaza navigating Pakistan and organizing the 2036 OIC Summit.

MAFIA MUSE By Lawrence J. Potesta (Book Review #1291)

Mafia Muse is a crime thriller with a strong female protagonist, Anna Riccio, showing all the ups and downs of being a Club Singer and a wife to a Mob Boss. The story is set in the 1940s and channels through many international dramas… Continue Reading “MAFIA MUSE By Lawrence J. Potesta (Book Review #1291)”

SAS: Babcock’s Revenge (An SAS SOE Special Forces Series Book 1) by Whiskey-Jack Peters (Book Review #1288)

SAS: Babcock’s Revenge is an action and adventure story filled with thrill and military fiction. It is set in 1942 and begins with Corporal Carl Babcock escaping from imprisonment. He is alone and has to survive all that he faces avoiding being recaptured by… Continue Reading “SAS: Babcock’s Revenge (An SAS SOE Special Forces Series Book 1) by Whiskey-Jack Peters (Book Review #1288)”

Ékleipsis: the Abyss (Book Review #1285)

Ékleipsis: the Abyss is the second short story collection filled with suspense, horror, and fiction. Since I had read book one, I was expecting the same quality of writing and penmanship. The author definitely did not disappoint. The premise of the stories was all… Continue Reading “Ékleipsis: the Abyss (Book Review #1285)”

Discovery of the Five Senses by K, N, Smith (Book Review #1277)

Discover of the five senses is a children’s Superhero Action & Adventure story. The book is for young readers, and so the material inside, plotline, storytelling, and dialogue are all written for its specific age.