Sons of Adam by E. A. Rohrmoser (Book Review #767)


Sons of Adam is a mythical journey of self-discovery. The literary fiction has elements of magical realism framed around the Abrahamic narrative of Adam and Eve. The story describes the emotions, journey and faith of a man and a woman influenced by love and family. The perspective is secular, and it is not religious. Instead, it focuses on growth and self-belief.

Set in a timeless world of faith defining mythology, the storyline bounces off of one another, creating a symbolic and a reflection from one another. This made the story to be exceptionally beautiful to read.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Another interesting factor about the book was that it provoked a notion of self-reflect. It was effortless to think about things in reality and then compare.

The narrative is through Adam and his conflicts with Lilith, Eve and his two sons. The Pentalogue is a 5-book series about men and women who struggle to grow through choice, purpose and fate. The cover of the book is skillfully designed, and everything about the book is enjoyable to read.

I recommend it to people who like to read mythical stories that comprehend challenges, triumph and love.

Written by Jeyran Main

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