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That Which Must Happen by Lanza Sebastiano (Book Review #513)

  That which must happen is a literary novel about a boy named Benjamin who can see what is to happen in the future. While he has this power and is able to stop certain things from, happening, he does not. However, things take… Continue Reading “That Which Must Happen by Lanza Sebastiano (Book Review #513)”

Killing Adam by Earik Beann (Book Review #519)

Killing Adam is a science fiction story set in a world where everything is controlled via ARC’s. Altered reality chips have been implanted into people’s brains using them for long hours of labor getting them to do anything they want. Only when the chips… Continue Reading “Killing Adam by Earik Beann (Book Review #519)”

VOYAGES Volume I – A Collection of Poetry by Debjeet Mukherjee (Book Review #514)

Voyages Volume I is a poetry book possessing a collection of poems all categorized through age and the year. From 2011 – 2018, the poems are divided, and each shares a thoughtful story. I found the lyrics to be very touching and descriptive. Many… Continue Reading “VOYAGES Volume I – A Collection of Poetry by Debjeet Mukherjee (Book Review #514)”

Life is a test by Ryan Bey (Book Review #505)

Life is a test, reads like a self-help book written with the intent to provide an insightful look towards the living and existence.

Series Writing by Keith Julius

Series Writing by Keith Julius          There are definite advantages to writing a series of books.  Once the characters are developed they aren’t abandoned.  You have the opportunity to use them over and over again.  This gives you a big start on your next… Continue Reading “Series Writing by Keith Julius”

Crown (The Manhunters Book Three) by Jesse Teller (Book Review #502)

Crown is the third book in the Man hunter’s trilogy. This dark fantasy novel continues its adventure with Rayph and his team. In this story, the immortal source of chaos are running free and Rayph has to stop them. Things aren’t the same and… Continue Reading “Crown (The Manhunters Book Three) by Jesse Teller (Book Review #502)”

Hemlock. By Jesse Teller (Book Review #500)

Hemlock is another masterpiece written by Jesse Teller. I have read over 5 books from this author, and I knew from the start that this one was not going to disappoint me either. I think what stands out is, his superb skill of fantasy… Continue Reading “Hemlock. By Jesse Teller (Book Review #500)”

How to Survive a Family Court by Jessica Stark (Book Review #499)

  How to survive a family court is a self-help book written to provide adequate advice on what to do when you are facing a divorce. Having gone through a painful journey getting divorced through the American court system, the author pens a book… Continue Reading “How to Survive a Family Court by Jessica Stark (Book Review #499)”

A Recipe for Love: A Lesbian Culinary Romance by Lucy J. Madison (Book Review #498)

A recipe for love is a fictional story about Danika. Her life has never been about herself, and as she retires from her long-term job, she realizes that for once she has a chance to do something with her life.