That Which Must Happen by Lanza Sebastiano (Book Review #513)


That which must happen is a literary novel about a boy named Benjamin who can see what is to happen in the future. While he has this power and is able to stop certain things from, happening, he does not. However, things take a change when he foresees the fate of someone he cares about.

The book discusses the matter of fate in such a delicate way. Although the storyline focuses on what leads to being the predestined fate of the character, the issue of its interconnected events and choices that were made created an exciting read.

This isn’t just a fictional story but felt more educational and thought-provoking. The literature style of writing delicately expressed emotions and the outcomes touched the reader’s hearts having them ponder over the reality of things.


The connection and character development were well put together, having the reader bond with the protagonist. While all together, the book was exciting and intriguing to read, the content and the storyline was also inspirational.


I recommend this book to metaphysical and fiction readers.


Written by Jeyran Main

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