VOYAGES Volume I – A Collection of Poetry by Debjeet Mukherjee (Book Review #514)

Voyages Volume I is a poetry book possessing a collection of poems all categorized through age and the year. From 2011 – 2018, the poems are divided, and each shares a thoughtful story. I found the lyrics to be very touching and descriptive. Many of them could be used for daily quotes or daily inspirational affirmations, while some were about love and friendship, and were just delightful to read.

The author expresses his emotions and thoughts through poems just like a ship embarking on a voyage. He views life as a journey of adventures and describes them by using adequate words and expressions.


I found the literature to be compelling. There was a quote at the end of every poem, and I found the layout and organized a display of the poems to be attractive. I particularly enjoyed the snowy winter poem. It was very fitting with the winter coming and the season changing.


Books such as this one are even more delightful when they have illustrations within the content. I am not sure how that would have worked with the cost of printing or formatting, but it would have been a nice addition to the book.


I recommend this book to people that enjoy poetry and literature.


Written by Jeyran Main


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