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Just Holden On by Ashley Parr (Book Review #729)

Just holden on is a humorous parenting book written about the moments when you are pregnant and deliver a child. The author shares her experience in an attempt to allow parents to see the struggling parts and the happy parts of motherhood. It is… Continue Reading “Just Holden On by Ashley Parr (Book Review #729)”

Killing Adam by Earik Beann (Book Review #519)

Killing Adam is a science fiction story set in a world where everything is controlled via ARC’s. Altered reality chips have been implanted into people’s brains using them for long hours of labor getting them to do anything they want. Only when the chips… Continue Reading “Killing Adam by Earik Beann (Book Review #519)”

Annual International Golf Story Writing Competition

Here is an opportunity for writers to become an International Award-Winning Writer – (something to add to the CV) and you don’t have to be a golfer as we give more weight to the quality of the story. This is the Third Annual International… Continue Reading “Annual International Golf Story Writing Competition”

Mannethorn’s Key (The Key of Life Book 1) by Simon Lindley (Book Review #438)

Mannethorn’s Key is a fantasy novel set in a realm that needs restoring. The adventure begins with a wizard’s mission traveling the realm in order to defeat his enemy and Bart, delivering an important key in a magical space called between. The combination of… Continue Reading “Mannethorn’s Key (The Key of Life Book 1) by Simon Lindley (Book Review #438)”