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The Sword of Merlin Jared Woolf (Book Review #676)

The sword of Merlin is a fantasy story written about Japheth, who is a wizard. He isn’t much into his abilities or heritage; however, once the word of Merlin is given to him by Lux, he begins to realize its power and how well… Continue Reading “The Sword of Merlin Jared Woolf (Book Review #676)”

Mannethorn’s Key (The Key of Life Book 1) by Simon Lindley (Book Review #438)

Mannethorn’s Key is a fantasy novel set in a realm that needs restoring. The adventure begins with a wizard’s mission traveling the realm in order to defeat his enemy and Bart, delivering an important key in a magical space called between. The combination of… Continue Reading “Mannethorn’s Key (The Key of Life Book 1) by Simon Lindley (Book Review #438)”

Celestia by J. D. Evergreen (Book Review #434)

Celestia is a young adult/fantasy book about Taliah. She comes from a realm that has lost their king. Chaos has taken over her world, and dark magic has taken over the will of the citizens that live there. Taliah needs to find a way… Continue Reading “Celestia by J. D. Evergreen (Book Review #434)”