The Sword of Merlin Jared Woolf (Book Review #676)

The sword of Merlin is a fantasy story written about Japheth, who is a wizard. He isn’t much into his abilities or heritage; however, once the word of Merlin is given to him by Lux, he begins to realize its power and how well he is with it. There is an enemy at hand, and everyone has to work as a group in order to defeat it.

The story is filled with drama, action, magic, and has a few twists. The world is described well and provides the reader with a fulfilling description. Self-sacrifice, forgiveness and love are prominently seen between the characters.

The characters Lux and Japheth were fascinating. Their personalities brushed off each other and complimented the story. I believe the story is revolved around magic and a wizardly world enticed its audience into wanting to read and know more about how the whole thing was to end.


The book is geared more towards young adults but not limited to any age in particular. The story was told in a way that there was room for sequels or any add-ons to it.


Written by Jeyran Main

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