The Last Erdane by Louise. E. Pascual (Book Review #677)

The last Erdane is a science fiction set of five stories. The novel begins with a girl named Sedna Erdane, who is the daughter of a traitor. She then comes back from exile and notices that a lot has changed. People are starving; she is no longer welcome and has to obey a queen that she despises.

I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the protagonist was such a strong-willed, perfectly balanced character. The science-fiction behind the story provided the ability for this character to grow and for the reader to bond with the story easily. Sedna has many hard decisions to make, but her choices had the character grow, and that’s what made this story special.

I enjoyed the cover of the book and felt that it was very well thought out. The author added many relatable science fiction materials to the story, and the characters were so well written out that it all together created a very compelling story.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read science fiction material and also enjoys strong leading woman characters.

Written by Jeyran Main

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