Celestia by J. D. Evergreen (Book Review #434)

Celestia is a young adult/fantasy book about Taliah. She comes from a realm that has lost their king. Chaos has taken over her world, and dark magic has taken over the will of the citizens that live there. Taliah needs to find a way to restore everything back to how it was by finding the rightful heir and to overtake the darkness. Her path is adventurous and it forces her to learn as well as fight in order to succeed.

At first, I was interested in figuring out how this kingdom had gotten to this state. I was seeking more backstory and descriptive content. A protagonist seeking to save a world she loves and suddenly becoming the hero possessing magic she didn’t know she had, was not a first-time discovery for me. As I read more, I realized that it wasn’t just another world being saved, but it was more about Talia overcoming much more. I found the situation with people being brainwashed quite intriguing as well.

The story is suitable for the young adult fans and may require more depth for a more adult audience. The literature was well written. The author has clear potential in writing good stories, and it’s very apparent that she has cared about creating this fantasy world.

Talia is not strong, but maybe we don’t always need a strong leader. Maybe, by just having one, it is enough to create that hope in people. I would recommend this book to people that are into magic, wizardry, and fantasy storylines.

Written by Jeyran Main

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