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Marriage, Malibu & Coffee by Bridget Straub (Book Review #1415)

‘Marriage, Malibu & Coffee’ is a fictional tale about Lori, her life, her ups and downs, and everything in between. She is a lively person who happens to have it hard with a failed marriage, motherhood, and finding herself.

First Comes Baby by Alison O’Mara (Book Review #1262)

First Comes Baby is a fictional tale about a young woman named Ella deciding to go against social norms and have a baby by 35 before she is married or has a stable partner.

Just Holden On by Ashley Parr (Book Review #729)

Just holden on is a humorous parenting book written about the moments when you are pregnant and deliver a child. The author shares her experience in an attempt to allow parents to see the struggling parts and the happy parts of motherhood. It is… Continue Reading “Just Holden On by Ashley Parr (Book Review #729)”

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3 Hour Dad by Adam T Hourlution (Book Review #479)

3 Hour Dad is a story written about Adam who becomes a father without knowing that his girlfriend is pregnant. At first, they think that it is appendicitis, but once he rushes to the hospital, he realizes that his girlfriend is having a baby.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Early celebrations of Mother’s Day originated from Canada’s neighboring country, the United States. Carnations are a popular Mother’s Day symbol in both Canada and the United States. Some people may choose to wear a carnation as a brooch on Mother’s Day. However,… Continue Reading “Happy Mother’s Day”

The Gift Of Noah by Victor Wilkie (Short Book Review #45)

  When a blessing knocks on your door do you return it or keep it? It is almost Christmas and Jayce has been reflecting on her life and situation for a while. She has everything she wants and needs; however she still feels a… Continue Reading “The Gift Of Noah by Victor Wilkie (Short Book Review #45)”