3 Hour Dad by Adam T Hourlution (Book Review #479)

3 Hour Dad is a story written about Adam who becomes a father without knowing that his girlfriend is pregnant. At first, they think that it is appendicitis, but once he rushes to the hospital, he realizes that his girlfriend is having a baby.

The complications, surprise, excitement, and adjustment described to such an ordeal is what made this book stand out from other fictional stories. In reality, this has happened before, and I have personally heard many stories where the woman has experienced sudden pain and then rushed to the hospital giving birth, not knowing that she has been carrying a child for 9 months.


Therefore, the concept of the memoir may have not been novel but the way it was written and described, certainly did. The pace was steady, and the characters were developed well.


I believe the book could have done just as well without a table of content. The memoir was written in the first-person narrative and read like a diary. The literature was easy to understand and to follow.


Anyone that is interested in biographies and family dynamic stories would enjoy reading this book.


Written by Jeyran Main

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